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  • This “Gavone” Pizza Challenge is hosted by the Solorzano's Pizza location on Webber Street. For this big pizza challenge, you must...


  • Finish a 20″ diameter New Jersey style cheese pizza.

  • Finish 6, softball-sized garlic knots and an order of cheesy garlic bread.

  • You have 30 minutes to finish everything.

       Call ahead to schedule your challenge.


  • “Gavone” champions win the meal free, a  sweet t-shirt, a $25 gift token, and their picture on our Wall of Fame!!

Solorzano Pizza Gavone Challenge

Do you have what it takes?

Solorzano Pizza TShirt
Solorzano Pizza TShirt

Will your picture go on the Solorzano's Wall of Fame?

Solorzano's Pizza offers you Real Italian Pizza, Calzones, Heroes, Fresh Salads, Desserts, Beer & Wine.

We're an Italian Restaurant that covers all the bases. Give us a call 941-926-4276.

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