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Hey, thanks for checking out Solorzano’s Pizza. I’m Carlos Solorzano Jr., and I’ve been making pizza in Sarasota for over 20 years. I’m originally from Northern New Jersey where my family owned several pizzerias. My grandparents were from Southern Italy and taught my father how to make pizza. My father taught me. I grew up in the business and started stretching dough before I even started high school.


Have I checked all the boxes? Good. That means you found your pizzeria. When you enter my shop on Webber Street, you won’t believe your’e in Florida. This is New Jersey-style pizza. The kind that’s served on a paper plate, you fold in half, and eat with your hands. You know what I’m talking about. Homemade dough & sauce, top quality mozzarella, and that perfect balance of “crisp” and “chew” in the crust that can only be executed with the gas-fired deck ovens proudly on display in my open kitchen. Pizza by the slice? All day. Francis Albert crooning through the speakers? Who else? Family photos on the wall? Standard. Just don’t burn the roof of your mouth and don’t ask for ranch.


So whether you’re a rookie about to Eat Real PizzaTM for the first time, or a regular whose name and order I know by heart, I want to thank you. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this. Thanks for keeping the dream of the independent neighborhood pizzeria alive.  Because none of what I just wrote would have been possible without you, the customer. I love what I do, but I couldn’t do it if you didn’t love it, too. I hope to see or hear from you soon.


Carlos Solorzano Jr.

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